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‘Had the most top-class CACI Skinbreeze facial at Lisa Franklin Clinic. My skin is really stressed at the moment and this facial is perfect for rejuvenating and healing the complexion.

It involves several steps such as Dermabrasion, O3 ozone therapy, O2 infusion, hydrating mask and LED light therapy.’

Influencer @simonasnarkskis

‘A machine shone red light on my face (LED light therapy, apparently) and a special wand performed orbital microdermabrasion on my skin (a kind of uber exfoliation). There was also a spray of oxygen to help the serums penetrate. It all felt very Star Trek…It was very relaxing. Did it work? Well, I was asked if I’d just got back from holiday a couple of times, and I looked fresher and less tired around the eyes. I had to go to a big charity dinner that night and felt glowy and rested. So yes, I would definitely Skinbreeze it again.’

Eleanor Mills in Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine

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